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Powerful financial learning experiences for children.

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As a parent, you want the best for your child. You want them to have a strong foundation of financial education so they’ll be prepared to excel in the world that awaits. Tony Learns courses will teach your child everything they need to know about finances — from earning income to paying bills, debt, credit, budgets and stocks. Many adults never learn healthy financial practices, or they only learn them as a means of correcting bad financial decisions. Tony Learns is a fun, engaging course and gamification application designed to impress financial responsibility at the stage in your child’s development where habits for life are formed. Point your child’s financial future in the right direction with Tony Learns.

"25% of adults have no retirement. More than half of black and Latino households have no retirement savings at all. Of the ones that do, they have less than $30k put away for retirement."
 - Investopedia


To create a powerful learning experience that makes it fun and addictive for children to walk the path of financial responsibility and stability. To end the cycles of money mismanagement handed down by a lack of home learning or poor financial practices. To give parents the tools they need to teach their children about finances, even if they don’t have the knowledge themselves. To help an entire generation learn healthy financial habits in their developmental years so it becomes second nature that is handed down to their children.

According to a 2020 study by, “the average amount of debt by age 23 is $16k"
At the 2021 National Financial Educators Council, when asked which parent taught the most about personal finances, 53% responded “neither”

Not having a strong foundation of financial management best practices as part of early childhood education is resulting in teens and young adults starting their life out with serious debt. Tony Learns can help your child avoid becoming a part of this statistic.


The Tony Learns course library covers basic financial understanding and introductions in two categories: ages 8 & up, and ages 12 & up. However, these are merely recommendations. Children as young as 5 have been able to follow and retain understandings taught in these courses. The animation and characters in the simple wraparound story help children easily grasp the breakdown of financial topics such as:

Earning Income  




  Checking and Savings Accounts




And much more. Courses are added regularly.

The courses are short (10-16 minutes for most), animated and engaging. The information is provided in a fun, digestible format that entertains as much as it teaches.

According to a Junior Achievement USA survey, “67% of parents think their 5-8 year olds should be learning about money."


Children are very engaged with our content. The wraparound story is fun, animated and engaging.

  • We have timed our course content to fit just short of, or in the range of, the 16-24 minute attention span of the average 8 year old.

  • Each course has comic relief characters to insert a break in the learning while still supporting the lessons delivered. 

  • There is a game that your child will play during the course to help them test their knowledge against fun and entertaining characters.

  • Information is delivered in multiple ways to ensure that the message is received.

    • Directly communicated, when the character Data teaches Tony

    • Child perception, when there is a cutaway that shows how Tony is processing the message

    • Dialogue delivery: Much of the information is delivered in the form of dialogue between characters

    • Indirect perception: The characters Sparrow and Sloth attempt to learn as they peek in on the lessons. They dissect the information among themselves, allowing your child to see other perceptions and have the content reinforced in a highly entertaining format.

  • The multiple message delivery methods used in these courses provide your child with a classroom learning experience while watching entertaining, animated and educational content.

  • The built-in gamification factor is a MAJOR engagement tool. It’s designed to give your child the opportunity to utilize the lessons learned in the courses in a real world simulated environment. It provides incentives to motivate course completion and re-engages your child with content they learned from the course after completion. We ensure that the information and concepts within the Tony Learns courses are retained.



The Tony Learns courses teach principle financial concepts and best practices, then we provide access to a highly engaging, real world simulation game.

  • Your child will start in their apartment and have to “work” to turn on their electricity.

  • Work takes place in the form of jobs. A job is a specific style of math problem, from single digit multiplication problems all the way up to algebra. Correct answers pay money, which goes into your child’s game account. The more difficult the problem, the more it pays per correct answer.  

  • Your child can earn money to pay bills, make purchases for their apartment, buy furniture accessories, cars, food, new places to live, pets, land, etc.

  • Earn large amounts for completing courses.

  • Completed courses unlock jobs specific to what was learned in the course.

  • Link your parent profile to your child’s account for notifications on course completions, scores and how they’re performing in their simulation life.

  • Encourage and recognize your child’s achievements while they play the game of life. Invite their friends to establish a community of financially focused youth learning and having fun together.


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