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Why It Works

Studies about the science of learning have shown a number of ways to engage and increase performance in students.   Tony Learns has embodied all of these principles in the Tony Learns Video Series.

Delivery Process:  

How the content is delivered to your child.

  • Animated

  • Fun and comical characters

  • Bright eye-catching colors

  • Multiple message delivery methods utilized at once

Length of Learning
The course length is designed to fit the attentions span of the average 7-year old.

Learning Pyramid.jpg

Time to process

Each video has been carefully crafted to allow time for mental processing.

  • The course video has knowledge check breaks.

  • Cut aways that show how the child character, Tony, is processing the information in a fun entertaining way.

  • Character comic relief breaks that show fun and entertaining characters processing in their own way.

  • Interactive quiz game throughout the course that provides a funny and informative gaming break. 

  • Lecture, Dialogue, Multi-Perception.  Data, the dog, teaches the information to in a conversational lecture format.  The alternative characters attempt to understand what is being taught and engage in a comic relief exchange that is just as informative as it is entertaining.  This provides a series of fun entertaining relatable exchanges that cover every perception of learning.

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